10 Cake Decorating Ideas To Apply When Decorating Your Next Cake!

Cake Decorating Tips

Baking a cake and decorating it are two skills which can be quite challenging. The baking process itself takes a lot of patience with all the measuring you need to make, not to mention making sure that you have your oven in just the right temperature and that you don’t undercook or overcook it. Decorating a cake is like dressing it up for a party – the outside appearance counts just as much as the inside does, but it’s the outside that people see first. Therefore, careful thought and preparation should be put into decorating any kind of cake.

If you want to go ahead and bake your own cake and decorate it as well, here are 10 decorating ideas that will definitely make a difference when you bake your next cake.

1. Use the right icing or frosting.

There are different kinds of icing and frosting which can be used to decorate a cake. Which kind you use should depend on what kind of look you are aiming to achieve for the cake. For instance, if the cake is to be used for formal occasions like weddings, royal icing is the best one to use as it gives a firm, polished look to it. For more informal gatherings like for birthday parties, regular frosting should do the trick.

2. Use the right garnishing in the right amount.

Flowers are the most common cake decoration out there, but you want to make sure that your cake is neither over- or under-decorated. Make sure to choose a garnish that adds to the cake and doesn’t overpower it. You might also want to play around with the garnishing by using one which represents the cake, like carrot figures made out of royal icing for instance. That will definitely let people know that they are going to eat a carrot cake. Chocolate shavings also work great for a chocolate cake, especially if you add a strawberry on top to add more color to it.

3. Make sure the colors blend together.

Using icing in different colors as well as adding garnishes in different colors and textures is generally OK, provided that they all blend well with each other. Try and see if the colors you have picked go well with each other and do not contrast one another. Remember, people will see the cake before they taste it, so it’s worth taking extra effort in choosing colors that go well together.

4. What’s the occasion?

Usually, cakes are part of celebrations like birthday parties, weddings, and other similar gatherings. Keep in mind the occasion you are baking the cake for, and this should give you ideas on what shape it should be in. Round cakes are generally best for more formal occasions as it is the standard shape, but playing around with other shapes is also OK for more informal gatherings.

5. How many people will eat the cake?

Knowing beforehand the expected number of guests for the occasion you are baking the cake for should give you an idea of how big your cake should be. You wouldn’t want some guests eating cake while the others are left with nothing to enjoy. Determining the number of guests will help you figure out whether you should bake a bigger cake (if your oven can accommodate it), or bake 2 or more cakes.

6. Who will eat the cake?

Yet another thing you need to take into consideration when baking and decorating the cake is who will eat it. For a kid’s birthday party, chocolate cake is a sure fire hit, and decorating it is comparatively easier compared to decorating a wedding cake. You can make the cake as attractive as possible so that kids will want to eat it. You can use candy sprinkles, chocolate shavings, frosting in different shapes and colors, etc.

7. What’s your budget?

Generally speaking, decorating a cake is not that expensive. However, it does take some practice to get used to the whole decorating process. So consider your budget for baking and decorating the cake itself, as well as some allowance for error and practice as well. The more you accustom yourself to using a pastry bag for icing, the better you’ll get at it in no time.

8. How much time do you have?

This does not necessarily refer to how much time you have in baking and decorating the cake, but more of how much time will the cake be displayed before it is eaten. This is very important to find out because cakes are meant to be stored in a cool place so that it holds its shape and the icing does not melt. You should also determine the time of day the cake will be displayed so you can adjust which frosting you’ll be using for it.

9. Any specific decorations?

When baking your cake, determine if you need to place a message or a specific decoration on top of it. This will give you an idea of how much space you need and how big the cake should be. Generally, rectangular shaped cakes are the best when you want to write a personal message on the cake as it gives you more space to do so.

10. Can you do it?

Of course you can! Baking and decorating a cake is really not as hard as it sounds. With practice and determination, you can get started in decorating cakes with your own personal touch. It also pays to research on different cake decorating techniques and ideas which should help you master the skill in no time.

Paul Henry Baptiste